Let us help you get ahead of covid-19

Given the uncertainty that COVID-19 has created regarding the reopening of future in-person events, consider a virtual solution to engage and interact with your target audience. Whether it’s a trade show booth, product showcase, remote demo studio or a branded environment … the possibilities are endless.

Or if you’re looking for innovative and safe ways to reengage and interact with your customers in person, a mobile marketing solution provides a unique opportunity for you to reach out with confidence and deliver a safer, more self-contained and tailored experience.

As you’re looking for ways to safely open your facilities, we offer a full range of options with our facility kits, including: PPE stations, directional signage, floor decals, and a variety of face shield applications.

Our team has developed concepts for how restaurants and other gathering spaces can think creatively about ways to increase their footprint and capacity while integrating safeguards for their customers both indoors and outdoors. Check out our concept package for ideas and solutions that could suit your business needs. These concepts can be customized to various scales, venues and environments.

We're standing by and ready to help you any way we can.