Creative Solutions Group worked collaboratively with Amazon to create a highly interactive, unexpected mobile experience, designed to “surprise and delight” Amazon customers in the field. The CSG team integrated various technologies and functions into the final design, including lighting & sound, electronics, LED, and refrigeration.


The experience was integrated into the Amazon App, allowing customers to purchase a unique product onboard every day, and pick it up at the Treasure Truck location. Once onsite, guests were invited to engage and interact with the brand through a variety of activities, including: giveaways, a video spin-to- win, tailgate-type games like cornhole, giant tic-tac toe and plinko, and themed engagements sponsored by the various product brands for sale on the truck – Halloween Night for candy maker, Valentine Day celebrations for a floral company, and characters in costumes for a gaming platform. And to top it all off, guests were treated to light shows, a bubble machine and music.