Mitsubishi Electric US partnered with CSG to help advance their corporate strategy to foster and realize global, sustainable smart societies. The CSG mission was to create engaging and interactive experiences with Mitsubishi Electric’s products, integrated solutions and technologies that conveyed their key messages and supported their vision for a smart society – including tiered messaging, a cohesive graphic/color theme, interactive, museum-like experiences and onsite live video production for web and social.

The main entrance to the booth introduced the attendees to the five primary Social Challenges with an array of monitors that identified each challenge and assigned them a color and icon, and included compelling video content.
After being greeted by a brand ambassador, attendees were directed to an engaging, interactive display area that incorporated an illuminated 3D cityscape with a 75” interactive monitor. Digital content was developed that mirrored the cityscape and helped clearly communicate and define the circular engineering concept and how Mitsubishi Electric develops solutions to address social challenges.
As attendees transitioned into the center of the experience, they were immersed in various product demos and examples of current and developing solutions, including live robotics, an immersive HoloLens experience and large LED screen featuring key messages and solutions content. Overhead, the color-themed and animated lighting swept through the header and encouraged movement through the space, while attracting attendees from outside the booth. To help tell the solutions story, graphic elements with integrated backlighting were designed into the exhibit backgrounds to create interest and highlight the product applications.