The Marketing Arm engaged Creative Solutions Group to help bring State Farm’s music activation to life at the top music festivals across the country. Working collaboratively with the TMA team, CSG designed and fabricated four themed “tiny homes”. The experience was designed to engage and entertain Millennial and Gen Z music fans, educate them about State Farm’s Neighborhood of Good campaign, and encourage them to get out and volunteer in their community.

The solution integrated digital experiences within each home that required extensive engineering, testing and validating to be road-worthy … sound systems, monitors, LED floors/walls, computers, live streams, recordings, and photo ops. Each included a sharable experience for the consumer…something to post on Instagram.

Club Jake: A silent disco club where consumers received headphones and stepped onto the reactive LED floor to dance to the music; the more you danced, the more animation/colors/movement you would see. A wall with a large monitor and selfie camera created a boomerang op.
Good Neighbor Records: Touchscreen listening kiosks were made to look like a record player. Consumers were able to listen to music that was written, produced and engineered by students in the Notes for Notes program around the world.
State Farm Stage: Inside the stage experience, consumers jammed using a full drum kit built into the trailer with a selfie camera to record and share the experience on social media.
State Farm Studio: Consumers stepped inside a 6’ x 6’ infinity room recording experience with mirrored acrylic walls, floor and LED walls. Consumers received a boomerang-like video afterwards.